Secure tenants for Toys R Us, Maplin & Carpetright Stores.

In light of the recent closure announcements of Carpetright, Toys R Us and Maplin stores, ECS can help you to secure tenants for retail units that become vacant by managing the utilities side of subdividing larger units into two (or more) smaller units.
We know that the large power supplies feeding units vacated by retailers such as Toys R Us and Carpetright can result in landlords having to spend large amounts of money to adapt the supply. The cost of a typical substation is c£80k – so why pay this much when your existing infrastructure can be adapted for a fraction of the cost?
I am aware that the landlords’ agents responsible for leasing these stores will be keen to find new tenants to take the ‘freed up’ units as soon as possible, to avoid loss of revenue. Given the size of some of the larger retail units – the opportunities to attract new retailers may well be increased by subdividing a unit.
ECS have a vast experience working on such retail projects to subdivide units and we are experts in the Building Network Operator (BNO) regulations. We have worked on many schemes to subdivide large units, many in out of town retail parks.
In the past, units of this size would be subdivided, which required utility re-distribution costs to strip out the existing – perfectly adequate – large supply connections, to simply replace them with individual smaller supply points. This was often a frustrating exercise, as this required a large capital expense to remain at a standstill. In addition, these types of works normally attract extensive lead-in times not only to only receive costs, but for the physical works to be carried out, leading to delays in re-occupancy of the units.

BNO standards offer great opportunities

Due to changes with regulations, it is now possible to adapt rather than strip out existing large power electricity supply connections. ECS can support you by designing and carrying out installation of multiple industry metering points derived from the existing large power supply. These works are normally carried out within the same timescale as the distribution companies tend to provide for quotation only. This is a proven method of approach and we have saved our clients £10k’s as well as enabled sites to be re-occupied in record time.
Our approach is to fully investigate the existing supply architecture on site and work alongside you to ascertain the proposed future use of the unit in its re-modelled state. We manage the process entirely in-house, offering full end to end project managed delivery, taking the burden and any required expertise away from you whilst giving you the reassurance of a professional delivery, to meet or exceed requirements.

Maintain supply capacity and save on costs

By taking this approach (versus going to the local distribution company to reduce the supply capacity – meaning you would lose it) we can reuse what is on site, retain the level of capacity and remove part, or all, of the capacity charges. For sites as large as Toys R Us/Comet – these can run to £6- 10k per annum, and such savings should not be sniffed at.
Another key benefit of adopting this approach, is that each tenant will have their own industry metering (not sub meters) installed – enabling them to secure direct supply agreements with their preferred supplier and reducing landlords’ liability for utilities and billing.
ECS are BNO specialists – we will help you to ensure your installation meets your immediate and future needs – reducing future expenditure should you subdivide again. Existing power supplies can be simply managed by us to provide multiple tenants with the power they require.
In short, we give you peace of mind that your design, installation and ongoing maintenance all meet the latest standards to meet your obligations as BNO.
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